New Patient Procedures

As a new patient, there are a few steps to be completed before or during your initial visit that will ensure you receive the best care possible.

Whether you have or have not seen a dentist recently, x-rays are essential to determining the existing state of your teeth, jaw, roots, etc. and potential areas for improvement. If you have had x-rays taken at another office, it is important to arrange that they be forwarded to our office before your first appointment.

Medical History is also an important factor in considering any dental treatment. Having a history of any medical conditions, complications, or medications that you have or are currently taking will allow the doctor to determine a safe, effective treatment plan.

New Patients

After checking in with our greeters at the front desk, you will be called by one of our assistants. The assistant will take you to an examination room. After you are seated, the assistant will proceed to take X-rays of the jaws and oral structures. Two types of X-rays will be taken. One type is taken from within the mouth. The second type is taken from outside of the mouth and makes a circuit around the entire head to show features of the skull and jaws. Following X-rays, one of our hygienists will make measurements of the height of the gums and bone around each tooth as well as an evaluation of the amount of plaque and calculus present around the oral structures. This examination is the beginning of periodontal diagnosis. This portion of the examination is only performed on patients that are eighteen years of age or older unless it appears to be indicated on younger patients.

The dentist will then perform a complete oral examination. This examination evaluates the mouth for decay, infection, cancer and any abnormalities. As well, the dentist will review the hygienist's measurements of the gums and bone and will give a periodontal diagnosis. This diagnosis will determine the type and extent of cleaning that will need to be performed. Many patients have indicated surprise that a full cleaning is not usually part of the initial examination. However, in order to render appropriate levels of cleaning and determine future treatment, it is necessary to perform the procedures of a periodontal examination. Because of this, there is rarely time to begin a cleaning. However, if you have time and are interested in obtaining a cleaning at the first appointment, please indicate this to the dental assistant and, if we have a cancellation and the cleaning needed is not extensive, we will be happy to accommodate your request.

Following completion of the examination, you will be taken to the front desk to meet with one of our schedulers. If any subsequent appointments are required, they will set the appointment for you. Also, you may visit with our financial coordinator in order to make financial arrangements for your treatment.


We respect each and every patient’s time and ask that you give our team the same consideration. As a courtesy, please notify our office if you are unable to keep an appointment or need to cancel an appointment for any reason. For cancellations, we request at least 48 hours notice.



We believe that dental health is key in maintaining overall health. That is why we make every effort to work with our patients in determining the best method of payment for their treatment needs. To work effectively together, we will always provide a cost estimate before any treatment begins. We are happy to submit these assessments to the insurance provider of your choice should you have coverage.

Unless prior arrangements have been made, payment is required at the time services are rendered. We accept Visa, Mastercard and other payment plans. For more information, please contact our front desk personnel.